Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
mmm-util-core provides core utilities that fill gaps in the jdk.
mmm-util-gwt provides utilities support for GWT (especially to use code from mmm-util-core in GWT clients).
mmm-util-cli Build commandline-interfaces (CLI) easily
mmm-util-io Utilities for input/output and streaming.
mmm-util-http This project provides utilities for dealing with HTTP.
mmm-util-contenttype library to detect metadata while streaming
mmm-util-metakeys This project provides property-keys for common metadata.
mmm-util-datatype provides common datatypes that fill gaps in the jdk.
mmm-util-sandbox This project provides additional utilities that are in development and unclear or experimental state. It will never be released but code can move from here to other utilities after getting mature.