About mmm-util

This project provides utilities for various purposes. They are NOT project specific and are all designed to be useful for everybody. Unlike older projects such as the apache commons we are NOT limited by legacy support down to JVMs lower than 5.0. Therefore we can make intensive use of the advanced language features and offer sophisicated APIs.


Here is a list of the available utility-projects:
  • mmm-util-core contains valuable utilities for general purpose (NLS, ISO-8601, generic value conversion, scanners, pattern compilers, reflection, etc.).
  • mmm-util-io contains valuable utilities for input/output as well as file and resource handling.
  • mmm-util-cli provides excellent support for creating Command Line Interfaces (CLI).
  • mmm-util-gwt provides GWT compatibility for mmm-util-core, SLF4J and more.
The following utilities are experimental or work in progress:
  • mmm-util-datatype contains standard datatypes for various common purposes (PhoneNumber, PostalCode, Password, Color, Gender, Iso2CountryCode, etc.) including corresponding hibernate UserTypes.
  • mmm-util-metakeys contains various constants for metadata properties from different standards.
  • mmm-util-contenttype aims to provide a detailed tree of various filetypes together with an implementation for the stream-detection-framework in order to detect metadata on the fly while streaming.
  • mmm-util-http is an HTTP utility NOT wired up with the protocol (to be used for HTTPMU in UPnP).