About MMM Search::Engine

This project provides an API for indexing & searching content as well as an implementation based on lucene. Implementations for other search-solutions like egothor are planned.
This project has the following goals:
  • Easy integration of search-engine into your application.
  • Standardized, fault-tolerant query-parser for independence from underlying search-technology. This includes the ability to enable prefix-queries with lucene (e.g. *foo).
  • Native query parser for advanced features.
  • Standardized, extendable model for index structure.
  • Paging of search results.
  • Highlighting search results.
The trade-off is that you can only access features available via the API. If you want to use very specific lucene features you might want to use lucene directly.

Getting startet

Please take a look at the tutorial to get startet.