About MMM::Search


Most applications have the need for an integrated full-text search to increase usability. For the java world there is an excelent solution called lucene. The only problem is that lucene is quite low level, has a grown error-prone API and leaves you with some typical problems like indexing binary file-formats.


This project is a solution for the gap:
  • mmm-search-indexer provides an indexer that recursively indexes locations. It supports incremental indexing and can be configured to your needs via some XML configuration file.
  • mmm-search-engine provides API and implementation for a consistent search solution that abstracts from lucene.
The key benefits of this solution are:
  • incremental indexing support
  • automatic unicode detection
  • central definition of schema
  • central and flexible configuration
  • clean API
  • excellent Javadocs


To get started with mmm-search read the introduction.
This project is a little similar to Apache Solr.