Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
mmm-client-ui-core-api API for the fundamentials of the user-interfaces (UI).
mmm-client-ui-core Core APIs for user-interfaces (UI).
mmm-client-ui-widget-api API of the UI widget layer.
mmm-client-ui-widget-base Base implementation of UI widget API (including implementation of advanced widgets).
mmm-client-ui-widget-impl-test Implementation of the UI widget layer for unit-testing.
mmm-client-ui-widget-impl-web-gwt Implementation of the UI widget layer for web based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT).
mmm-client-ui-widget Abstraction layer for UI widgets.
mmm-client-ui-dialog-api The API of the dialog-framework.
mmm-client-ui-dialog-impl-gwt The implementation of the dialog-framework using GWT.
mmm-client-ui-dialog Dialog-Framework based on client-ui-widget.
mmm-client-ui-theme-standard Standard theme for the UI (containing CSS and other resources).
mmm-client-ui-theme Themes for different look and feels of the UI.
mmm-client-ui-gwt-widgets GWT widgets created for mmm-client-ui-widget but also made reusable without.
mmm-client-ui-gwt GWT specific code that is provided as reusable module without requirements to also use mmm-client-ui-widget.