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Provides the API of the Search-Indexer.

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Package Description

Provides the API of the Search-Indexer.

Search-Indexer API

This package contains the API for a SearchIndexer. Such indexer allows to update information in a search-index so it can by found by the SearchEngine. It acts on a low level of abstraction and adapts to the underlying search-technology (e.g. apache lucene).
On top there are higher-level components that use the SearchIndexer and are independent from the underlying search-technology:
  1. the ResourceSearchIndexer allows to index DataResources of arbitrary formats and extracts texts and metadata for the search index.
  2. the ConfiguredSearchIndexer allows recursive indexing including incremental updates. The actual strategy for incremental indexing is realized via SearchIndexerUpdateStrategy.
  3. the SearchIndexerMain offers a fully integrated main-program for performing the indexing (based on AbstractSearchIndexerMain).
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